Monday, August 13

I have a pen-pal!

Today after putting Sebastian down for his nap I glanced down* and spied a pink envelope with my name on it! It was my very first letter from my new pen-pal. I am going to make some tea after I plow through my embarrassingly unhealthy lunch and read it.

Later I think I am going to try my hand at making an apron. I decided after a few close calls in my new tops this weekend that I am in dire need of an apron in the kitchen. If I finish that I might tear right into another project - gotta get the craft ball rolling, my guilt at all my unfinished/un-begun projects has started to affect even my dream-life.

*my mail is delivered by my landlords, it is slipped under the unused door directly across from Sebastian's room - most days if I see anything after putting the babe to sleep it is just a little pile of bills.

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