Monday, August 6

like I needed more to worry about

I have heard and read about the leaching of harmful chemicals out of plastics and into our food, but it wasn't until I read this article from PLoS Biology that it hit me what a shitty situation we've got ourselves into here.

I think that like many other parents, I trusted that while the danger was known, it was also only a moderate danger. Plus, especially when you are talking about options for child feeding, there is a feeling of having no other choice. Considering whatever type of cup I give Sebastian needs to be resistant to breaking *and* easy to clean, and the same is true of any snack-ware and dish-ware we use for him, plastic is the obvious answer. But now, for his sake and the sake of new baby, I am on the hunt for alternatives. Knowing that I will very likely part-time bottle-feed new baby, I need to find appropriate baby bottles. We will replace Sebastian's cup with a Klean Kanteen or two and while I'm at it I will get one for myself to replace my aging (and thus leaching) Nalgene bottle.

Then I will have to sort through all our other plastic-ware and figure out how to phase it all out without going broke.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I have been looking into xenoestrogens for a while, but still sipping happily from my nalgene, and reusing old margerine containers. This article is fantastic...and horrific. Thanks for sharing.


kate harris said...

I spent a considerable amount of time ignoring my son to take in that article - I had been thinking about it for a long time, but still with that "oh, it can't be all *that* bad, can it?" refrain going in the back of my mind. Then BAM this article lands in my inbox and yes, indeed, it can be that bad and worse.

Nice to hear from you KT!!