Wednesday, August 8

and so it goes

According to a US federal advisory panel, bisphenol-A is not harmful. Oh, except *maybe* to fetuses and small children... but really, folks, it's safe!

Article from - Plastics chemical poses no hazard, U.S. review finds

It's a good thing, too. Could you imagine a world without hard, clear plastics? What on earth would we use to feed babies? How would we carry our water? And how would they package beans and stewed tomatoes???

Bloody hell - the proof is already out there, let's exercise our power as consumers and just stop buying this crap. You with me?

edited to add A link that my lovely friend Katie (who was the first to show me that tofu is edible) sent me called Alternatives to Plastic by Paul Goettlich. Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration, check it out:

<3 Kt

kate harris said...

love it - added it to the main post!! Thanks babe.