Wednesday, August 8

a little less conversation

I have just noticed I have been power-blogging of late. It could be that I am enjoying less and less anything that involves my moving out of my big green chair*, or it could be that I just have so many things floating around in my head and am really enjoying having somewhere to get it all down. Personally, I think it is the first one, so I appreciate any of you who continue to muddle through enjoy my ramblings. It gives me an excuse not to do dishes (or cook, or clean, or sew).

For your patience, I bring you a post that is more pictures than text. Enjoy!

This morning's trip to Spanish Banks (free parking, deserted at 9:00am- even on nicer weekdays, and at low tide the beach goes on forever):

Looking for fish in the tiny pools he created when he would move a rock.

looking for fish

Throwing stones.


Looking dapper.

mr. handsome-pants

"My mama, the monkey" by Sebastian.

silly mom

And, finally, my favourite photo from our day at the beach - snack time.

snack time

We spent two full hours at the beach, armed with nothing more than two shovels, a pail, a towel and some snacks. He would have happily stayed even longer - but mama needed to eat (quel shoc).

*I didn't want to bring it home, because we found it in an alley... I fully admit I am glad I caved

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