Friday, August 10

hero worship

Yesterday we took the bus downtown to visit Harbour Centre and then meet Andrew at work for lunch. This was a guaranteed-fun day because a) Sebastian *loves* taking transit, b) we had a free pass to the top of Harbour Centre, c) going to Andrew's office is always fun and d) Sebastian wore his cape.

Super Sebastian.

it's a bird...

Top-Secret Superhero HQ.

superhero HQ

Watching over the city.

watching over the city

There's trouble afoot. With his trusty sidekick, Funkmaster B (aka. Baby Bunny).

there's trouble afoot

Relaxing after a long day keeping Vancouver safe.

taking a break

His cape drew heaps of attention everywhere we went - it is an old scarf that came in a box from my Grandmother. Each square depicts a Swiss (I think - based on a flag on one building) scene or item (there are many buildings, a a bottle of what looks like vodka and cherries, and a fondue pot). I have been long thinking of turning it into quilt squares, but have a feeling it will have to wait (who am I kidding, it was already waiting - at least now it is getting some use and love).

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