Wednesday, August 8

taking it further

I am not the only one worried about nasty-ass carcinogens leaching out of the things we keep food in and into the food we eat. angry chicken, aka amy karol, wrote a great bit about her switch over to non-plastics, complete with some more ideas and links to really adorable reusable bags (though they don't seem to be available in Canada). The same article led me over to Sew Green - I have just scratched the surface, but I think I may end up spending an awful lot of time there in the near future.

We are not looking at immediately switching out all our plastics here, due to a recent decision to live more simply and not make any unnecessary purchases in order to save for a still-secret "next big thing" (more on that soon), we are starting to toss out our old plastics and are using our corningware set from our wedding. Most of the dishes have lids and there's a set of four that fit single-servings perfectly.

I checked all of Sebastian's ikea dishware and it is #5 plastic, deemed one of the safer plastics. We don't own a microwave or dishwasher, so we have the added safety of not being able to heat our plastics in the first place. This is a load off my mind, as he is so not ready for breakable dishes! Until we get our Klean Kanteens he'll be served most home-drinks in the safer ikea cups and we will limit sippy-cup use (though, happily, most of our cups are also on the safer list. Except, of course, our much-loved Nalgene cup).

Looking around my house I am in awe of the amount of plastics surrounding us. Just getting rid of it all will make such a difference around here. It won't happen over-night, but when I imagine a home with wooden boxes instead of plastic ones I smile. Plastic is so sterile and devoid of personality. Something you could never say of these apple boxes that came from my grandmother's basement and make great toy storage.


As for all the plastic toys, well, that will be a challenge, but a worthwhile one. From now on we are making an effort to buy better toys - and fewer toys. Today at the beach my son turned rocks into cars and trucks and rocket ships. Instead of the usual giant bag of toys, today we only brought a pail and two shovels. He happily played for TWO HOURS. He would have stayed longer if I'd let him, but I was starving and getting worn out by the constant exploring.

There are some great photos, but my laziness is preventing me from getting up and finding the cord for my camera.

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