Friday, August 3

I'm all funned out

Another exhausting week under my belt.

Sebastian and I have been somewhat at odds and his newest trick is screaming at the top of his lungs until my ears bleed. Its been "fun" and he has a future as a metal singer. Think of all the groupies - lucky kid!

Speaking of headbanging, he's taken up that habit again. It seems to be indicative of a great leap forward cognitively, so I am reluctant to make a big deal out of it. But I hate it so much. The payoff seems to be his ability to put together ever-more-complex ideas and sentences. Currently they are mostly of the "Mom, can I please have ____," or "Dad, can I please go to ____?" He has also started telling stories, complex, rambling, sometimes not-quite-sensical stories. His imagination is really blossoming- which is likely the most fascinating and fun thing we've witnessed so far.

Last week he hosted a tea party for a few, select stuffed animals. It started off normal enough and evolved into something a little more Mad Hatter.

We've also visited the science centre, the beach, Granville Island, the beach, and today plan on going to a nearby lake park. The weather looks shit, but we're going anyways - I don't think hanging out inside is such a great idea.

I've dusted off my trusted Mommy Mantras book and a few choice mantras are helping me start to find my peace again*.

Now I'm off to find a pair of pants that fit and convince my son that wearing socks with boots is a good idea.

*curious? "I am not Buddha" has helped remind me that sometimes simply getting through the day is good enough; "Bring it on" has helped me harness my strengths and let go of my insecurities and negative self-talk and get on with getting on (piles of dishes, laundry, empty fridge and a screaming toddler? bring it on!); and "Soften to the feeling" essentially it means I recognise a negative feeling (or reaction to a negative situation) and instead of bristling against it, I just acknowledge it and move on. What I could really use is a night off, a visit from a house cleaner, a few meals cooked for me, time to sew, the company of adults and an uninterrupted night's sleep. Until hell freezes over I will make do with a few mantras in my pocket.

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