Sunday, August 12

settling in for the long haul

We have had a wonderful, quiet weekend. We have kept to ourselves, and I have been thoroughly enjoying the company of my little family.

Yesterday we drove out to Surrey to get me a couple of nursing bras (it seems the only Motherhood that carries plus sizes is the one in Surrey - because, you know, fat chicks don't live in the city). While I shopped, Andrew and Sebastian played in the very nice play area the mall provides. I went to hell-mart for diapers (since a Costco-trip is now not going to happen until next pay-day) and then up to Motherhood, where Sebastian and Andrew found me. With some prompting, I bought a sale top - a simple patterned tank that looks a little less grungy than my daily tops and has room to grow. I keep forgetting that while my belly keeps growing, the rest of me is actually shrinking still. So when the bras I picked out, because my normal size was not in stock, fit amazingly (with room for the ta-tas to grow even more - having already plumped up considerably) I felt pretty awesome.

Before we left I nipped into Old Navy and grabbed these dresses, imagine the models about twice that size with a beach ball under there and you can picture what they look like on me. They are cuter than that sounds, though.

and would *not* wear a belt - that would just be silly
I think these look hilarious on non-pregnant-types, because, especially without a belt, they make women look bloated. This could be why there were racks upon racks of them marked down 50%. I just know I will live in these things until the bean pops out.

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