Monday, August 13

a bit of this, a bit of that

I have been really enjoying my son lately.

We are still hitting daily rough-patches, but things are starting to even out a little. This weekend was a big father-son "bonding" weekend, Andrew took over the role of primary caregiver and I managed to get a whole lot done and slipped in some Kate-time. I am still behind on some things, but I feel much more centered and okay about dropping the ball a little.

Today Sebastian and I checked out another Family Place nearby. I was a little disappointed by the staff - any other time I have visited a new family place I have been greeted and given a tour... this time I got nothing, and when I left I noted that mine was not the only name with "first time visiting the family place" checked off. I know I could have introduced myself and asked for a tour... but I am chicken-shit and hate going up to strangers. We will be going back, Sebastian had an awesome time and the price is right ($1). Next time I swear I will try to find someone to give me a tour.

I also had a nice time, though didn't talk to anyone - mostly I was busy helping Sebastian remember how to share (he is going through a "mine" phase - good times). The one thing that really put me off was this woman who spent the entire morning wandering the playroom talking loudly and angrily on her cell phone. I was trying very hard not to eavesdrop, but did gather that it had something to do with work, being called into work, her having a daycare and other people screwing everything up for her. She left her younger daughter (3) in the care of her older daughter (5) during this two hour diatribe - she just wandered the playroom on her phone, oblivious to the fact that she was a) including a whole bunch of strangers in her conversation and b) being a total bitch. I mean, hasn't she heard of text-messaging? But seriously, I am not usually a judgy-mama, I always try to see myself in another mamas shoes- but this time I could not picture it. She didn't even get off the phone while she served her kids their snacks.

Tomorrow my friend Kristi is coming over in the morning for pre-family centre coffee.

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